A New Kind Of Fitness

Hey ladies out there welcome to my Journey!

new40Lbs Lighter! 

On October 10th, I started a new work out something very well lets call it unique. You might know it as pole dancing(or to some stripping)  but really its pole fitness no stripping necessary. In the beginning I was skeptical really not thinking I would ever be able to hold myself up climb invert or just do some of these simple spins. Boy was I wrong! I’m now working on doing 1 handed spins I can climb to the top and now just started inverting and starting to be able to do it without a spot and started spin class which actually takes more strength than regular pole!

Check out my 2 month video here

So ladies out there if your looking for a new strength training regiment and if you want to tone up what you have lost you have to try this. You will not only get physical results you will get mental ones too. I’ve received so much support from the instructors at my studio.
( Me and My fav Pole instructor trying a double stargazer …
I slipped we’ll get it next time! &This is my first night getting my invert! 
Now just so you all know I do Weight Watchers with this, doing this alone will not help you loose weight eating right along with the exercise will and  I will be honest I didn’t track or weight in for a month  (I know very naughty)… But with pole alone I maintained my weight. All that proves to me is that this program (WW and Pole) does work to help you with a lifestyle chance.. So to those struggling or looking for something new and your not sure.. Just do it! Can’t hurt to try!!!
Ill write soon fellow curvy girls happy Poleing!