The Experience that is Dangerous Curves

Hey everyone!

Well I wanted to wait til the pro video was sent but I can always update that after for those who want to see it. But now that everything has sunk in and been experienced I think it’s time to tell!

So let’s start with the awesome drive on Saturday, me and the hubby started mid day it was about a 3 hour drive down to Danbury CT. I couldn’t sleep the night before at all the nerves and excitement had my head going all over the place! So we get down there and check into our room, since it was way to expensive to stay in the city my amazing mom and dad paid for a room for us for the weekend in support for the comp for me since it would be too much to make the 4 hour drive to get to the City especially with my dads health. So we get down there and we find what else a WHOLE FOODS yum! Yay for a discount since the hubs works there part time as well as some healthy food for me to keep my stomach in a good place. Which was great because with my anxiety i get, i felt amazing the whole weekend!

The it was Sunday! I couldn’t sleep I was so excited so ready well I thought I was! So we hopped into the car and started making the trip to NYC! Had a great trip in hit no traffic found our parking spot which we had paid for the day before. Found the theater so we just walked for a bit. I felt great so excited got a few texts from people wishing me luck. Found this awesome resturant and had a delicious salad that whole morning was perfect. We walked back over to the theater for the competitors meeting. I got to meet all the girls, I wont lie i walked in looking at these girls as my competition and possible friends after. I left feeling like part of a  family like i was with my DC sisters. I met some amazing people they were funny and fun. Had the most amazing stories of what pole has done for them. So after some great sister bonding time if you will it was showtime!


I wasn’t the first performer I was i would say about the middle of the show. Which was kind of a great place for me. As most of you know I love to take photos, so here I was creeping all the girls routines taking photos of all of them to keep me calm well as clam as I could be. Then it was my turn, god I can’t tell you the amount of fear I had going on that stage. So I took a deep breath and I just did it. Now I screwed up the routine,my shoes were falling off, I almost killed myself because the shoes kept stretching out and when I did my wrist sit I almost slipped right off the pole. However, I had so much fun, I finished, I had one of the craziest adrenaline rushes Ive ever had in my life! It was amazing and I couldn’t stop smiling even though I knew I screwed up!

It was then time to see the Diva herself perform. She did NOT disappoint, a routine to a live performance of a song, was just the coolest Idea i have ever seen again I watched from the sidelines and just absolutely enjoyed every single minute of the whole thing.

I really don’t think i can put into full words how awesome this whole day was and I know that I left a few things out but trust me it was just an incredible experience. I want to say a huge congratulations to all of the girls who participated in this you all are an inspiration to the Plus size Pole world!

A huge congratulations to Miss Dangerous Curves 2015 Miss Tasha! You are amazing your dancing your drive and determination everything is soo great. I wish you lived closer so we could hang out haha! It was an honor to share the stage with you! The Following are some photos taken at the Competition of all the competitors the showcases and the diva herself!


Collage   2 Collage

You know there are still some days I dont feel like I belong anywhere near the pole fitness world. However this day, this day I did and I was in it in a way I never had been before. I still feel like an outsider some days but that’s a part of being the “homeschooled poler” but hey Ill get back to the studio someday. :).

Thats all for now. Ill update this with the video when i receive it.

As always remember to
Stay strong, stay fit and Stay Fabulous!




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