Well hello there everyone,

So here we are the week of the big day. I have to say its come faster then a fast monkey haha really only my husband will most likely get that reference but its ok. (its a kids song we found on accident on a google play radio station). So A huge huge thing that happened was my instagram was selected by pole geek to be a #plussizepoler to follow for inspiration and motivation! Check out the whole post here with additional amazing plus size polers to follow on IG!

Plus size polers on Instagram!


So, this weekend was wonderful had the birthday party of my crazy little niece and the showcase. The showcase was so good all the girls at Love Pole Fitness were incredible. They are all so talented us lovies are so lucky to have a great group of instructors teaching us how to be awesome.

So here’s how it went down if you will, after some great performances it was time for me to get my costume and pretty glitter shoes on. I was terrified I could barely hand over my phone to have my music played. Then the music started and I just danced and did splits and a couple of spins and climbs and then it was over i was tired and it felt amazing. My little one gave her momma a huge hug and then immediately wanted to hit the poles herself. The amount of love i got from everyone in the studio that afternoon and the claps and cheers and hugs. It was really the most amazing thing ever.

So this is going to be a short post, but I wanted to bring some final thoughts about a few things.

1. Though Dangerous Curves is more about supporting your fellow plus size poler then taking the crown I’m still nervous. Though I’m working on it I’m still very anxious because I’m still so new to the Pole Game and though I have the most amazing support of my husband my family and my real friends, I have a what I would think was a solid routine. So I think that when everything is packed and my massage is all done and good…. but needless to say after the couple of run through this week I really think it will be ok. I can’t wait to meet all my fellow competitors which I know might sound weird but were a great group of plus size polers and winner or not were part of something more amazing and powerful.

2. I’d like to address the comment posted in the previous post. I could totally understand where people would say this is coming across as attention. I do, I also understand how not everyone would want see the posts of me in my shorts and sports bra. I do understand I’m a mother. I’m certainly not the only mother that does this sport, that posts similar photos to me and I would certainly say they get some similar responses like I did. I guess the part that bothers me is apparently its someone in my life, who either thinks so little of me or so little of the relationship I have with this person that I would throw them out of my life. But let me tell you something, yes I am a mom who poles my daughter loves trying to spin around the pole even climb the one we have at the house. I have a good friend of the family who is struggling with her daughter about things of self body image and I’m not going to get into it really, but I wouldn’t wish what her and all of her girls are going through on my worst enemy.They are going through hell. So i want to try and do my part the best I can to show that you can feel beautiful and confident in the body your in. Can you get slimmer and healthier absolutely but why does that mean I or anyone else for that matter have to be ashamed of who I am right now. I also understand some may not want to see me or anyone else on a pole, I get the stigma behind it, I get it has been sexualized and such I’m not ignorant. But I don’t I get there are strippers, but I’m not and so I don’t see it like that. So I hope that makes sense to everyone but it’s how I feel. I’ve spent to much of my life hating my body and myself to not embrace finally loving the skin that I’m in. So I don’t want to bash this person for their opinion because that’s what it is an opinion everyone has one. So i figured since I approved the comment because who am I to sensor someone if I can write what I want but I wanted to have a more thought out response.

Here are a few links about the DIVA herself talking about Dangerous Curves and what its all about check it out!

Meet the plus size competitive pole dancer who is breaking down stereotype and kicking butt!

Roz “The Diva” Mays is Changing the World with Pole Dancing

You know the Drill until next time my friends!

Stay Fit, Stay strong, Stay Fabulous!




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