Oh hey Hi im back!

Hello everyone,

Well clearly its been a while since my last blog and holy hell a lot has changed!!


So lets to a quick flashback:

So back in 2013 in the beginning of the year I fell off the pole and hurt my arm pretty good. With the amazing help of my now very dear friend Tobin(shes also co owner/instructor at the studio I go to) was helping me rehab my arm and i was getting to a great place almost back to pole i was chair dancing which has become one of my newest obsessions working on my flexibility which whoa the progress from where i was when i first posted just you wait! I got a new better paying job, then just a few days into my new job my husband and I found out the most amazing news, we were expecting our first little bundle of joy named Gen who blessed our little family with her presents in Dec of 2013. Now here is where is gets a little hai11696622_660818158829_1325964619229590123_ory if you will, I wont bore you with the details but I almost died having Gen needed emergency surgery after having her to remove my placenta. I had a retained placenta that released on only one side. A blood transfusion and DNC later I’m here still healing mentally but I’m here. Which brings me to my last little section. Since January Ive worked really hard to loose weight and to get back into shape in turn trying to get into a better poling weight to be safe on the equipment after all I’ve worked so damn hard on making my arm feel better what the hell is the point of hurting myself again!11229427_658599160719_4719589308576340418_n

So this brings me to today. Though I’m closer then ever to the weight limit I need to be and I have started doing a lot of training at home! And even bigger news on a whim i said screw it lets try out for Dangerous Curves!! I did I submitted a video after a month of being back and I GOT IN!! Since then Ive been pounding out the training it has to be the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time. Did a 5k with friend was running and training all spring long! We walked it mostly ran some and I brought miss gen with us! It was the color run and it was soo much fun! 11416317_657591924229_7980507780820659656_oI love her so much! So here we are just under a month til my first competition I’m honored that I get to compete along side some amazing plus size polers! I’ve gotten some tremendous support from friends and family and yes I have crossed over to the dark side I now own not one but 3 pairs of Pleasers and I’m obsessed haha! I know I have a long way until where I want to be but I’m happy where I am and the blog is back. Ill be updating periodically about my journey to Dangerous Curves my thoughts on my successes and struggles as a plus size poler. I just want to help empower women who say no way i could do that or who think they would be shunned because they aren’t the thin girl on the pole. There’s a lot more to me then my heels, my pole and the number on my scale. So follow along and please feel free to comment on here about your struggles and success!

Without further a due my split progress!!

Lets take a moment to remember where I started haha!

_DSC0004 _DSC0003

And we have 2 years later!

11046336_645976371889_5519655367940193810_n 10308931_645976401829_7314012215650436312_n

In the words of Ru Paul ” If you don’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love yourself”!

Stay Fabulous and never give up!

Love Always



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