Poling in Public

Ok so I did it not sitting on a street pole in Boston lol I have done that but this I think was more scary. I decided to get up and show some moves before and after the competition this past Friday in a bar!! HAHA It was great so scary because I was just waiting for someone to say get the fat chick off the stage ect. You know the same things people in this world have come to expect from being a plus size lady.. But it didn’t happen of course my ladies at Love were crazy supportive but I mean DUH were like a family over there its great but other people were supportive cheering me on I mean common I bad Kittied in public haha! It was great I’ve decided if they do this again im all over it!! I’m going to compete already started planning out my routine and picked the song its perfect!! Check out a few pics below! 🙂 I felt like a champ and to be honest this was one of the first times I was in public that I didn’t care what people thought about me because I was having a blast!!! The girls who competed did amazing I was so proud to say I’m from their studio it was great and Seirra Won!!!

64543_568682020389_605569674_n 1244_568682130169_1680712346_n

I have so much to more to write about!! But that will have to come tomorrow update on splits my rock star and more!! Stay tuned!!

Happy Poling!!



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