Split goals and Measurement Challege

Well happy Sunday everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend! in

As usual I had a poltastic weekend full of the usual climbs and inverts spins and spining but beyond that I went to my first pole Jam with Samantha Star!! She was awesome she helped me with some ideas on how to make my climb and invert better and some floor exercises on how to practice them without worrying about being in the air. I think this is going to start to make a huge difference in how I invert and climb and will make it better when I get into harder moves! We also learned a spin called the rockstar. Now lets say im not 100% on it but hey it looked pretty good!! Can’t wait to get a video since from my understanding its considered a more advanced spin which makes me feel great!!

Now on to the challenge since it is what I’m almost even more excited about! Another goal of mine that wasn’t listed on my goal list was for my flexibility and my splits and measurements! So here is what today is as my start!

Weight: 260.8

Left: 16 inches
Right: 15.5 inches

Left: 28 inches
Right: 27.75

Lower: 49in
Upper: 41.75

Straddle: Inches to floor
Left: 25 inches
Right: 23 inches

Spit across:
7.5 inches to ground

Split Left First:
7 inches

Split Right First
5 inches

The plan is to take these measurements every week to see my progress and take photos every month to see how much better my straddle and stretches are and posting monthly the differences that happen. How will I do this you ask. Plan is to stretch every morning run a little at lunch then stretch after (short stretch) then do another good hour or so a night! That will take care of the flexibility! Little sore from getting the start pictures but hey lets get some more stretching in!

Well that’s all for now happy poleing!!! Write soon!Ā  Check out the where I am now in my splits šŸ™‚ we all have to start somewhere! šŸ™‚

_DSC0002Ā  _DSC0003



3 thoughts on “Split goals and Measurement Challege

  1. You can do it!~ I’m working on my splits as well, yours seem very close! Much closer then mine! Lovely to see another plus sized pole dancer out there in the world shaking things up! I’m going to add your blog to my blogs side bar (I also run a plus sized pole dancer blog that i just started) if that is ok with you. gotta spread the plus sized poller love.


    • Thank you so much!!! Yea it was really cool since im only a pole 1 girl I wasnt sure how much help she would be or like what to ask since I feel everything i do is so “simple” in comparasin of the other girls. But she was great!!!

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