Last class of the year!

Well another year has come and gone but I’m not stopping with my weight loss goals! 40 last year and 40 this year or more who knows! Since starting pole in October I’ve fallen in love quite hard with this sport. Proving stereotypes wicked wrong and really finally enjoying something like I did volleyball ( which I really thought was hard to do!! Damn Near Impossible!

In this video I’m working on climbs inverts the chair(which is getting better but still needs work) the attitude which I really like and would love to be able to get it down one handed. I also switched up my back hook by working on something called the power back hook. I think its quite evident from my last video how much my strength has improved with how I lift into the back hook to make it higher!

I then through in a freestyle stupid youtube didnt like either of the songs I put in thus the silence in the front and I can tell you that wasnt the song I wanted for the first part I was really using this….

But I know the freestyle isn’t the best its a start I can see what I did not so great get a shorter song would have helped too and Im still learning so what the hell why not try it!

This song really hits a soft spot with me and in some ways its how I feel when it comes to some of the stereotypes I’m fighting doing pole! But I digress I’m kicking ass and taking names and I don’t care who knows about it I LOVE IT!

Pole Goals in 2013:

  1. Get a strong invert and climb on both sides!! As you can see my right side is a wee bit weaker than the other in both of these subjects!
  2. Do a Gemini I don’t know if I’m forcing anything but I really like this move and would love to be able to work on it this year!
  3.  Strengthen my forearms so I can get better with my split grip!

Those are just the top of the many I have!

Weight loss Goals 2013:

  1.  TRACK TRACK TRACK!! Don’t get lazy like I did towards the end of the year!
  2. Maintain and loose 40 more I did it this year why cant i this year!!
  3.  Remember the off scale victories to keep you going there will be bad days and bad weeks but when you remember what you did right one week and one day it will give you the motivation to not give up.

Personal Goals 2013: 

  1. Run another Color Me Rad Race
  2. Finish my Masters from SNHU
  3. Really work hard to get more photography work and build KelleyAnne Artistic Creations Photography and Graphic Design ( Hey got to add a shameless plug!)

Looks Like I have a busy year ahead of me!! Good Luck to all of you out there with big goals this year!!!

Happy Poleing write soon!


Just wanted to post my newest inver video you can actually see a huge diffrence from even a week or two ago above!! Really happy with my progress!!!!



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